Beginning in 2013, Ho Chi Minh City (first local) will apply the method to order products, helping scientists focus on research, not to worry about the financial mechanism as before.

Applying the method to order

Inter-ministerial Circular 44 Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance (44/2007/TTLT/BTC-BKHCN, dated 7/5/2007) defined a special subject in the field of social sciences and humanities up to 12 million dong, 30 million dong for engineering. This small and rigidity leads to a situation that to have enough finance to study, scientists are force to "swerve" when registering, by separated by small threads. Scientific research is applied according to the norms, like the building, how much cement, iron, sand, bricks are delivered ... The unreasonable point that led scientists to "lie". The rules that seemed closely above is a barrier for Science and Technology growth.

To remove inadequacies, starting from 2013, Ho Chi Minh City will apply the method of order for scientific research. When Government orders, scientists only need to submit committed products and bill that approved by funding. Scientists do not need to "draw" special subject, explaining the purchase of materials and equipment, how to spend ... Specifically, after the research project is approved, the city Department of Science and Technology will sign another ordering contract for research and development of Science and Technology with the head of topic, and the money will be transferred into the account of the science (not necessarily to the Government treasury). Scientists have full power to spend for the study.

"This method has "untie" for scientific research. To apply this defines in practical, Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City has been pursued it for many years" Phan Minh Tan - Director of Department - said.

Many people are concerned, the application the method of ordering in method of the city can be "hurdles" in comparison with the current regulations. However, Mr. Phan Minh Tan affirms the ordering contacts for science research is not against the rules, it just for not proper concerning this before and knows how to manipulate.

Tight management of delivered products

According to Mr. Tan, the approval and subject progress, inspection council will have a "breathable", but also some points need to be clear and transparent. Specifically, when the scientists making outline, they no longer need to concern about subject, but the product description must be clear. Also in 2013, Department of Science and Technology will apply the software to manage the topic of scientific research. Accordingly, each month, head of topic will send a report (not a scientific report) about things have done, and the progress. If the report is not delivered in time, warning shall be given; 3 months without notice, the Department will stop the topic, and demand a refund.

During the research progress, scientists can propose scientific council for a suitable changing. The fail study also accepted, but it needs to be explained clearly by the basis of science, because in scientific researches, failure is unavoidable.

Previously, the scientists pay too much attention for explaining of expendable, rather than do science, .Finance barriers is now removed, scientists requirements will be tighter. Inspection council will be more severe, limited duration by contract registration. Thus, instead of tightly managing input, delivered products will be managed more severe.


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