In June 4 and 5, 2013, in Hanoi Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) coordinated to organize the International Workshop on “Intellectual Property, competition and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: Experience of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia”.

Participating in the Workshop were Mr. Trần Văn Tùng, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology; Mr. Giovani Napolitano, senior expert of WIPO; together with representatives from agencies which formulate and enforce laws on intellectual property of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, intellectual property experts of Japan, the United States ad lawyers, representatives of industrial property entities in Vietnam.

The Workshop is the result of cooperation between WIPO and MOST in general and with the Ministry Inspectorate in particular. The Workshop has opened new cooperation opportunities between WIPO and Vietnamese agencies in fields of intellectual property, competition and enforcement of intellectual property rights, especially training support provided by WIPO to improve capacities of staff who carry out the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Vietnam.

Delivering a speech in the Workshop, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Trần Văn Tùng has emphasized on the importance of intellectual property in the social and economic life, at the same time showed achievements and difficulties of State management agencies in the enforcement of intellectual property and fights against unhealthy competition relating to intellectual property, especially in the current globalization, the competition among enterprises has become more serious and violations of intellectual property has become more complicated.

According to Mr. Giovanni Napolinato – senior expert of WIPO, in order to handle anti-competitive actions relating to intellectual property rights, it would be necessary to have close coordination among relevant agencies. And the final objective we should achieve, Mr. Giovanni shared, would be to protect rights of consumers, helps consumers have access to good products and prevent them from being cheated.

In the Workshop, the participants have been presented with sharing of international experts on intellectual property from Laos, Cambodia, Japan and the United States about experience on identifying and handling unhealthy competition as well as anti-competitive actions relating to intellectual property rights and enforcement of intellectual property rights in each country.

The Workshop has created favorable conditions for Vietnam and other countries in the region to consider possibilities of applying measures and policies on enforcing intellectual property rights and effectively handling anti-competitive actions, taking into consideration of specific social and economic characteristics and development directions of each country.


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